What is the first step to strt a clothing brand

May 31,2024

      So you want to start a fashion brand and the first thing you think you need is some clothes designed by you to sell, right? WRONG.

       The actual first step in starting a fashion brand is to develop a really clear design concept and brand aesthetic. You need an aesthetic for how your brand is going to look and feel and a market for a type of person to sell to. Try to really pinpoint who your startup clothing brand is going to appeal to.

       A great way to start is to put together a brand concept moodboard.

       When planning what your style is going to be, start with what kind of clothing you personally love. Often the best and most cohesive aesthetics come from within. If you LOVE all things cosy and comfortable then your clothing aesthetic should reflect that.

       The aesthetic of a brand is actually fairly easy to translate into clothing. Here's one of our favourite ways to do it: 

       List the things you love. For us its: comfort, easy wear, heavy weight fabrics, bold graphics, memorable strap lines and oversized silhouettes.

This translates to garments like oversized hoodies, teeshirts, joggers, dresses, polos etc.

       To find a market or in simple terms 'someone to sell to' all you need to do is look at other people who might also fall into the aesthetic you've created. Make a list and answer the following questions: 

1. Who wears comfort wear?

2. Where do they wear it?

3. What music do they listen to?

4. Where do they shop that sells similar types of garments to what you would like to create?

After answering these questions you will see where you slot in!

      It's actually quite a fun process to run through, but it takes some time and some focused thinking, so block out an hour in your diary and really zone in on these key questions.

       Getting clarity at this stage will save you countless hours further down the line as you move further in the process of starting your own clothing brand.

       We've been through this process countless times with streetwear and fashion brands, and our experience has taught us how to quickly and effectively define a successful clothing brand aesthetic. If you'd like some help from YUEDONG with concept realisation and guidance on starting a fashion brand,feel free to contact us!

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