Why Colors Look Different on Screen vs. In Print

April 19,2024

Have you ever found many places to print out your design,but the printed color of the real product and the color of your design have a huge difference, how to solve this problem.

Here, I will briefly talk about the design and printing.

When we usually use Photoshop or ai and other drawing software to make pictures, the software will default our color mode is RGB mode.Because this mode is a format suitable for electronic display output color, then in the computer screen, mobile phone, tablet and other electronic display intuitively see the color will be very bright, and even there will be some luminous feeling.

However our printing process, whether it is the traditional screen printing that needs manual color adjustment, or the direct injection of electronic software color adjustment, hot stamping and other technologies, the actual output format of the printed out is CMYK format.

To put it simple, the pattern color we see from electronic products and the color printed out are different from the fundamental color display principle.

Therefore, if the drawing made by the drawing software is put into the printing software to do, the system will automatically convert to the printing color, then the color will become very dark, resulting in color difference.

This is the common mistake for new designer when they first started designing clothes.

Then we only need to solve this problem by changing the color output mode to CMYK when making the pattern.

Of course, this is far from enough, we also need to carry out color processing before printing, which needs to be used - Pantone color card

    PANTONE color card (PANTONE) is the international standard color card. PANTONE color card is a world-renowned color authority, covering the printing, textile, plastic, drawing, digital technology and other fields of color communication system, has become today's international unified standard language for the exchange of color information.

✦Professional fashion designers and illustrators will use Pantone color cards to correct the color of their works.

Of course, our partners in the printing factory will also carry out color matching through the Pantone color card color number, and then produce.

Because of the difference in quality and price of different display models, the pattern displayed by each display will be more or less chromatic. The printing of different batches will also be slightly different due to the fuel cylinder difference.

 More advanced technical methods and more professional mechanical equipment are needed to minimize the appearance of color differences.