Creating Standout Fashion Brand Graphics: A guide to design a stand out graphic

May 31,2024

       Looking to design graphics for your clothing brand? Here’s what you need to know if you’re using a graphic designer to create your artwork.

       If you’re starting a clothing brand, at some point you will need to look at designing some graphics, whether it’s intricate print designs or just a simple logo to go on your clothes. In this blog post, we'll explain how to get graphics designed properly, specifically for clothing brands. 

1) How to outsource your clothing graphic design

       The first point is - if you're not a graphic designer, don't worry! There are lots of people out there who can help you create amazing clothing graphics.

2. Consider how the graphic will be applied to your clothing

       Thinking about how your graphics will be applied to your clothes is something to work out before you brief your graphic designer

3. Size matters - how big will your clothing graphic be?

       It’s helpful to have a rough idea of how big you want the graphic on your garments to be. You don’t need to be exact at this stage, but it’s helpful if you can guide your graphic designer, for example, by saying ‘this will be a large back print’, or ‘I’m thinking this will be a small motif used discreetly’.

4. Use Pantone colours in your clothing artwork

        Ask your designer to use Pantone references for the colours used, where possible.

Pantone swatches are a universal method for matching colours, so by specifying a Pantone colour number, a manufacturer on the other side of the world will be able to know exactly what colour shade you want. 

5. Make a note of fonts used

       It’s always useful to ask your graphic designer for the names of fonts used in graphics or logos for your clothing.
       You may want to use that font elsewhere for your brand, or further down the track someone else may need to edit or re-create your graphics.

6. Get vector files for your clothing graphic designs!

       This is possibly the most important point! Your graphic designer should send you all original files of your artwork.

7. Have options for branding versatility

       Here’s some bonus advice for briefing your graphic designer – ask for a few different variations of your logo. 

IN CONCLUSION: Getting your clothing graphics designed properly

      To make sure that your clothing graphics are designed properly, arm yourself with the information above so you know what to ask for from your graphic designer and are then fully equipped to add your bespoke graphics to your clothing designs!

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