What is screen printing? (concise versions)

September 27,2023

    Everyone knows that there are many clothing techniques, such as screen printing,

DTG, DTF, embroidery, etc. We should choose different processes according to different

needs, so as to achieve the best design effect.

Therefore, Today the blog will briefly introduce screen printing

✍Screen printing refers to using a screen stencil, ink and a squeegee to print a pattern

onto a blank T-shirt again and again.

💰Customized patterns require platemaking, which has a certain cost, so the cost of

screen printing is slightly higher.

👕The pattern can be printed on the clothing through repeated printing with a scraper and

ink again and again.

⛑If a pattern has several colors, you need to repeat the operation. Therefore, other

crafts can be considered for patterns with more colors, such as digital direct printing.

⁉️The reason why screen printing is so widely used is because compared to hot stamping,

screen printing has less gelatinous texture and is more breathable. It has a very good

experience in terms of touch and wearing.

     For patterns, screen printing has a better effect, with clear patterns and bright colors.