What is mercerized cotton

April 19,2024

Mercerized Cotton is a specially treated cotton fabric with the advantages of high gloss, soft feel, increased strength and good wear resistance. This fabric is mainly used in the production of high-quality fashion clothing, home textiles and other textile products.

The production process of mercerized cotton mainly includes:


1. Selection of materials: The selection of high-quality cotton as raw materials, this cotton has a long fiber, delicate feel and good elasticity.


2. Worsted: the cotton is spun through the spinning process to make fine yarn, while maintaining the integrity and strength of the fiber.


3. Mercerizing treatment: the worsted yarn is soaked in a special sodium oxalate solution, and then stretched under tension to change the fiber structure of the yarn surface. This process is called "mercerizing" or "mercerizing."


4. Dyeing: The mercerized yarn has a high dyeing affinity, so it can be dyed or printed to make colorful fabrics.


5. Weaving: will be mercerized and dyed yarn woven into a variety of plain, twill, jacquard and other structures of fabric.


Mercerized cotton has the following advantages:


1. High gloss: mercerization makes the surface of the cotton fiber smoother and reflects more concentrated light, thus making the fabric show a silky luster.


2. Soft feel: After worsted and mercerized treatment, the fine degree and density of the fiber are improved, making the fabric feel more soft and elastic.


3. Good wear resistance: mercerization improves the structure of the fiber, improves the strength and wear resistance of the fabric, and makes it more durable.


4. Excellent dyeing performance: mercerization improves the dyeing affinity of the yarn, making the color of the fabric more bright and lasting.


Therefore, mercerized cotton is a very popular fashion fabric, which is widely used in clothing, home textiles and other fields.

Mercerized cotton also has the following characteristics:

1. Good moisture absorption: Because the cotton fiber itself has good moisture absorption, mercerized cotton fabric also has a good performance in moisture absorption and can maintain a comfortable feeling of wearing.


2. Good air permeability: The fabric structure of mercerized cotton is more loose, conducive to air circulation, so it has good air permeability, suitable for spring and summer clothing production.


3. Strong wrinkle resistance: The fiber elasticity of mercerized cotton fabric is good, so that it has strong wrinkle resistance and is easy to maintain and wear.


4. Variety of styles: mercerized cotton fabric can be designed according to different fabric structures and textures of a variety of fashion styles, can be used in casual wear, business wear, sportswear and other types of clothing.


5. Environmental performance: Mercerized cotton is made of natural fiber fabric, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, in line with the current trend of sustainable development and environmental protection.


        In short, mercerized cotton is a high-quality cotton fabric, with good gloss, feel, wear resistance and other characteristics. At the time of purchase, you can judge its quality by observing the luster, touch, smell and other methods. In daily maintenance, pay attention to the use of neutral washing.